Our Philosophy

Taste of the East

We’ve travelled the South East Asia and explored a wide range of cuisines. We are now giving you some of the best of what we found: exotic spices, coconut, lime, chillies, lemongrass, noodles, curry, wok dishes and pho. Our kitchen will continue to push boundaries to give you the best that Asia has to offer.


A food flirt

Flavours aside, we’re also fascinated by the way Asians present their food: not with a large main course on a flat plate but with numerous small dishes in bowls and on plates, allowing everyone to tuck into what they want. This is a great way of tickling the taste buds with something you’ve never tried before. The taste will decide whether it will remain just a fleeting flirt or become the start of something longer-lasting.


Rice’n shine

In many parts of Asia the very best food can often be from little eateries or food stalls in the street – where the owners have been up at the crack of dawn to get the freshest and best ingredients from the local market, and where they cook the food the traditional and local way and serve it with pride and a smile. You’ll see no tall chef’s hats, just scrumptious dishes that will make your mouth water. That is the inspiration behind ASIA.



We’re more than happy to reserve a table for you. Or you can even book one yourself by clicking the button below. If there are more than 8 of you, we’d be grateful if you could send us an email at booking@asiaakerbrygge.no. Then choose one of our specials from the menu. We’ll set a table for you, and you’ll know that we know you’re coming.


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You can find us at Aker Brygge, Oslo’s most vibrant bar and restaurant quarter. Here you can stroll, pose or sit on the dock of the bay if you want.



We live for our guests. We’d therefore like to keep in touch with you and invite you to visit us when something new happens. Join our group of friends by entering your email address below. We guarantee that we won’t bombard you with messages. We just want to let you know when we think we’ve got something worth sharing.



Would you like to become part of the ASIA family? We are always looking for serving- and kitchen staff who are cheerful, professional and who like what we are trying do here. If this sounds like you, please send an application with your CV and picture to linnea@drueklasen.no.


Opening hours

Monday-Tuesday: 11.00-23.00
Wednesday: 11.00-24.00
Thursday-Friday: 11.00-01.00
Saturday: 12.00-01.00
(Kitchen closes at 23)
Sunday: 12.00-22.00


ASIA Aker Brygge
Stranden 1
0250 Oslo
+47 23 11 54 60